Personal Magazine

Want your own Magazine with only your work in it? I’m creating 50 page magazine of your styles and cuts for Barbers, Hair Stylist and Nail Tech. It’s one of a kind because it’s of you. Check out the Book I’ve created Jonathan Lee, a Barber in Birmingham and Nika Cooper a Nail Tech in Birmingham AL. Hair Stylist, Barbers and Nail Tech’s from Atlanta, Birmingham and Cincinnati on my website for you to view. Contact me today if you’re interested.

1.) A Uniquely Designed Cover

2.) A 54 Page Magazine Size 8.5″x11″,

3.) A Bio Page all your, contact info, social media, website if applicable,

4.) 48 pages are pages of your work.

5.) Page is pictures of you.

6.) Copyright filing of your Magazine an it’s contents.

7.) A story your about something significant in your industry.

Jonathan Lee, a Barber in Birmingham, AL.

Want our own Personal Magazine it cost you $135.00. What you get is the magazine designed for you and two copies of your magazine. Additional book can cost as little as $10.00 a book. Want you Magazine Cash App $125.00 to $silhouettedesigns then star e-mailing us your images to

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